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08-13-2014 Updated 8-28-2014

We have begun the process of phasing out the "Printed Manuals"  We have enough tabs to assemble approx 800 300 more books.  We have only enough NCR's for 30 70 more UBIR Un-Numbered hand written manuals.  These are to be sold on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.  After the tabs sets are gone the UBIR will be available on CD's and USB drives only.     After the printed manuals are gone we will accept orders for the Cd/USB version through this shopping cart only.

Please call (916) 635-0121 to order the printed manuals.

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10 Pack Uniform Building Inspection Report.

Shoe Covers

Universal size  one time use shoe covers.  Blue with non slip coating.   Packaged 10 Pair per package.